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Hardscapes & Masonry Construction

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Stone Walls, Retainer Walls, Sea Walls

PLT Landscape specializes in natural Stone Walls, Retainer Walls, Sea Walls that can be used to impprove the landscape and provide a safe and stable wall for your property. Our stone walls will provide a virtually maintenance free improvement to your property’s appearance while protecting the value of your real estate by preventing land erosion. Erosion can be caused by numerous environmental factors such as continuous rise of sea levels due to storms and rainfall intensity and runoff, which is common problem in the Fairfield County area. The possibilities of natural rock walls are only limited by your creativity. A natural rock wall is a good way to add value to your property. Natural rock walls can also be used to increase your usable yard space while providing an aesthetically pleasing barrier.

Stone Walkways & Patios

PLT Landscape offers complete Hardscape Design and Installation services for residential and commercial clients. We can completely design your project or take your idea and bring it from concept to “design and installation”. Our stone patios installations add value, functionality and stunning looks to your property. We can completely design an outdoor living area or take uninspired areas around your home and make them functional and beautiful by installing one of our own patio designs.

A stone walkway is a great way to enhance your yard, increase your amount of attractive hardscaping, and improve mobility around the outside of your home. PLT Landscape offers high-quality walkway installation that will help bring your landscape together perfectly. Not only do walkways add structure and convenience to your landscape, but it also is the foundation of an attractive landscape design. By pairing your walkway with more elaborate hardscapes and plantings, you’ll have a yard that’s both easily traversable and beautiful.

Belgium Block Driveway Design, Apron Driveways

The stone masons at PLT Landscape can introduce an old world charm to your property by installing Belgium block to your driveway. This will not only enhance the appearance of your entry, but provide an imperishable constraint that will help your driveway resist cracking and crumbling at its edge. A Belgium border will also aid in the visibility of the driveway edge when entering and exiting your driveway and may also alleviate some drainage issues.

Finish the project right with a long lasting Belgium Block driveway apron. This will add beauty and durability to the base of your driveway, the area most likely to be affected by snow, ice and salt deposited by municipal plows during the winter months. You can hire PLT Landscaping for both residential and commercial applications of beautiful, durable, Belgium block. Let our professional staff help you enhance your property while protecting its value at the same time!